The designs I create are first burned into the wood and then painted.

For my first furniture designs, I decided to paint all of the furniture in my daughter, Heidi's room. She's away at school, so I emptied her room, and am painting piece by piece in my garage! I took apart her loft bed and created two twin beds incorporating the night time and morning time themes.

The nighttime bed's quotes are "Listen for His Voice" on the headboard, and "His tender mercies are over all His works" on the footboard.

The morning time bed's quotes are "Lift up thy heart and rejoice" on the headboard, and "Be not weary in your well doing" on the footboard. I chose those scriptures because I felt they were appropriate for the time of day and the inspiration you might need during those times.

Here are close ups of the morning bed.

My ultimate goal with this new hobby is to quit my job and do it full time. So, if you are interested in ordering your own custom designed piece, please let me know.


I was very excited about creating this plaque for some dear friends who are having a baby. I knew the theme and the colors of their nursery, and had a ball designing the plaque specifically for their new little guy's room.

I love the quote "Come what may, and love it". We had a women's conference at church which incorporated this theme and I created a plaque using the design of their advertising for the conference as my inspiration

Some dear friends were moving to Utah, and I designed a plaque for them using the quote "Have I done any good in the world today" because they are the most service oriented people I know. I also used the coast and mountains for the design to illuminate the move from east to west.



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