I was asked to make a plaque for a new baby whose parents love Hawaii.  It was great fun to investigate flowers of Hawaii and design a sea scape incorporating those beautiful flowers.  I hope Kai learns to love Hawaii, too.


All creatures great and small

My dear friend is an animal freak.  No really, don't step on a spider in her presence!  I thought the perfect frame for her would be a representation of her pets.  (Note, not all of them!)  Her house is also full of colors that are reflective of her heritage, so the colors needed to be vibrant.  She was very happy to have a permanent tribute to some of her animals.


Being a brother is better than being a superhero.

Creating a plaque for a dear friend who just had a baby was a delight.  The baby shares a room with his older brother and it has been decorated with adorable printed fabrics.  My friend wanted the plaque to match as much of the decor as possible, so I went to town with chevrons, elephants and stripes.  I found a great quote for brothers, too.  What fun.