Everything will be OK

My sister-in-law's favorite saying is, "Everything will be OK in the end, and if it's not OK, it's not the end."  I thought it would be a perfect sentiment for a plaque, and as it turns out, other people thought so too, as I have sold three in no time.  My latest was a request from an Etsy customer to make it Primitive Country.  I think it's my favorite of the three.


Home Safe and Sound

My chest of drawers was just delivered safe and sound (shipping paid for, thank goodness) from its six month field trip to the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City.  I promise this is the last post I will write about this piece, but I just have to marvel a bit about the hundreds (may I say thousands?) of people who saw it and who they might have been.  I know Elder Uchdorf of the First Presidency of my church saw it, but did President Monson, our Prophet?  Maybe.  And all of the people from other countries who visit Salt Lake.  It's kind of mind boggling, and pretty cool.  Thanks to all my friends who went to the museum to see it when they were in town, and to those who live there who went as well.  I'm glad it's home.  There was an empty spot in the room where it stands.  Anybody who wants to come over to my house now, can see it.  It's no museum, but I might give you cookies.


Halloween and fall ornaments. Hooray for autumn!

I have had so much fun creating Halloween and fall themed ornaments for doors, windows, presents, anything!  I love fall, and though I don't really love Halloween, these ornaments were super fun to make.


The Tale of Three Tables

I spent the summer in Utah visiting my children and my siblings and had planned to do a lot of burning and painting there.  My daughters and my sister had requested that I design, burn, and paint their respective table tops.  I had so much fun sitting down with each one and coming up with a design that they were dreaming of.  I think that each one was a reflection of their homes and tastes.  The first one was my older daughter's kitchen table.  She and her husband had acquired an old kitchen set which was stained dark and they wanted a new look for the table.  My son in law sanded the top, my daughter drew out part of the design on paper, they both decided on the sentiments that they wanted burned around the outer edge of the table,  she gave me the desired palette, and then they turned it over to me.  This first picture is of the table after having been burned.  

The center of the table was a picture of the four seasons.

Then I finished the rest.

This is the finished table top  What you can't really see is the rope design around the edge of the table.

My younger daughter loves all things nautical and wanted that theme for her little side table she had acquired from a neighbor.  After my husband sanded the table, we realized what a little gem we had.  It had endless possibilities.  My daughter created a Pinterest page with the pictures she wanted, and then the two of us decided how they should be arranged.  We were both so tickled with how it came out.  This is the burned stage.

This is the finished table and some close ups.  I love the whimsical feel of this little table. 

I burned sea creatures around the sides of the table.

My sister's table has been in her family for decades and needed a pick me up.  Her desired angels theme centered around the scripture she wanted as the focal point of the piece.  I think it is so sweet and fits perfectly in her home and with her sensibilities.

Some of these pictures have a lot to be desired as far as quality goes, but I tried to document as best I could the work as I was doing it.  The iphone is probably not the best tool to use, but there you are.
It was a busy summer, but I spent it exactly how I had dreamed: being with family and working on my craft by making gifts for them.  A gift for me, really.

Autumnal gifts

These three autumnal palettes are perfect gifts for the fall.  
Of course, the Thanksgiving plaque with the traditional cornucopia is always a sweet gift idea.  This plaque is 11"x14"
"Give Thanks' is burned subtly above the fruit and vegetable laden horn of plenty.

"A candle does not lose its light by lighting another candle."  A sentiment we can all live by.  This 8"x10"oval plaque also utilizes fall colors, but could just as easily be used for all winter holiday decorating.

"We can only hear Him with our heart" This is a sweet 7" round plaque painted with warm reds and browns, but can be painted in any palette.  The sentiment is burned subtly again and blends in well with the design. 

These new plaques and more are now featured in my Etsy shop.


Temple review

I have created so many temple plaques for newlyweds and I have painted two more this summer that I have not posted, so I thought I would review a few of the ones I have designed and introduce the two new ones.

                                                                         Mexico City
                                                               Salt Lake in the spring
                                                              Salt Lake in the winter
                                                                     Newport Beach
                                                                Monterrey, Mexico

If you know of anyone who is getting married in an LDS temple somewhere, or any other house of worship, I would love to design a plaque for them.


I enjoy so much making temple plaques for those who are getting married.  To choose the right image of the temple, and personalize it for the specific couple is exciting.  Then, I think about them the whole time I am creating the plaque.  It's such a personal experience.  This spring I'll be making five!  Love it.

 For this plaque, I took the wedding invitation which had the flowers shown down the side of it.  I thought it would be beautiful to copy the flowers and incorporate them on the plaque.



I am overwhelmed.  I just received notice that I am one of 20 to receive the Award of Merit in the International Art Competition.  We'll be flying out to Utah for the award ceremony and the opening of the competition exhibit.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would get this far in this competition. I'm so new at this whole thing, and I feel incredibly blessed.  That the chest, which is so personal to me and my family, is recognized this way, makes it all the more remarkable.


I just received word that my temple chest has been selected from 1156 entries to be included in the exhibit in the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City from March 16 - to October 14.   I hope everyone who lives within a reasonable distance will go to see it, and you can even vote for me!  I'll find out about winning a possible award on March 16,  and possibly being published in the Ensign magazine and Church news later, but just being accepted into the exhibit is thrilling beyond belief!  By the way, I never gave Sarah Strobel the photography credit for taking the beautiful pictures.  Thanks, Sarah.



You may remember the Dr. Seuss plaque here.  I have created a coordinated personalized plaque for the now one year old for whom the original plaque was made.

How Can I Keep from Singing?

I needed a coat rack for my room at school where I teach, and I was very excited to display one of my favorite songs ever.  Functional and yet inspiring.

Salt Lake Temple

I have created two plaques featuring the Salt Lake Temple; one shows a spring scene and the other winter. I photographed the winter one in the snow, ironically.  I enjoy the contrast of the two pieces.


Valentine's Day

I don't know if you love Valentine's Day like I do, but it is my second favorite holiday.  I love to send gifts, especially to my kids.  This year I made little hanging heart plaques with their first initials burned into them.  Conversation hearts were my inspiration.  Cute?


Temple ornaments

For Christmas this year,  I designed ornaments with pictures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' temples in which my children were married.  They included lots of details, but they were fun and the kids loved them.