The Tale of Three Tables

I spent the summer in Utah visiting my children and my siblings and had planned to do a lot of burning and painting there.  My daughters and my sister had requested that I design, burn, and paint their respective table tops.  I had so much fun sitting down with each one and coming up with a design that they were dreaming of.  I think that each one was a reflection of their homes and tastes.  The first one was my older daughter's kitchen table.  She and her husband had acquired an old kitchen set which was stained dark and they wanted a new look for the table.  My son in law sanded the top, my daughter drew out part of the design on paper, they both decided on the sentiments that they wanted burned around the outer edge of the table,  she gave me the desired palette, and then they turned it over to me.  This first picture is of the table after having been burned.  

The center of the table was a picture of the four seasons.

Then I finished the rest.

This is the finished table top  What you can't really see is the rope design around the edge of the table.

My younger daughter loves all things nautical and wanted that theme for her little side table she had acquired from a neighbor.  After my husband sanded the table, we realized what a little gem we had.  It had endless possibilities.  My daughter created a Pinterest page with the pictures she wanted, and then the two of us decided how they should be arranged.  We were both so tickled with how it came out.  This is the burned stage.

This is the finished table and some close ups.  I love the whimsical feel of this little table. 

I burned sea creatures around the sides of the table.

My sister's table has been in her family for decades and needed a pick me up.  Her desired angels theme centered around the scripture she wanted as the focal point of the piece.  I think it is so sweet and fits perfectly in her home and with her sensibilities.

Some of these pictures have a lot to be desired as far as quality goes, but I tried to document as best I could the work as I was doing it.  The iphone is probably not the best tool to use, but there you are.
It was a busy summer, but I spent it exactly how I had dreamed: being with family and working on my craft by making gifts for them.  A gift for me, really.

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  1. Mary Jane, these are amazing! I love all of them. How fun to see each of their personalities reflected in their tables.