Sisters, Sisters

I have the privilege of having six strong and wonderful sisters. Two of them had their birthdays last week, and I had the pleasure of creating plaques for them. When I am designing a plaque for someone, I love thinking about what text would either suit them or give them inspiration, and what design and palate would complement their home. These two were especially fun for me.


New Look

My beautiful and talented daughter-in-law has helped me look more professional. I love what she has done with my blog. I even have a button. Grab it! Share it! Spread the word!


Three Trees

My friend Marci found this adorable armoire on the street, and realizing she wouldn't get to refinish it before she moved away, she gave it to me. When I sanded the layers of terrible finish, lo and behold there was beautiful cedar underneath. I immediately knew what the theme of the piece was going to be and that I needed to leave much of the wood exposed. These are three trees represented in three different stories in the Book of Mormon.

Angels Doll Trunk

Part of my tag sale find was this adorable doll trunk. I couldn't resist pastels, angels and rainbows. This will be a toy for our grandchildren.