Q. What is your process like?
A. I first get the piece of wood and create the design on paper
to fit the piece. I then draw the design on the wood itself, and
then burn it into the wood. I then paint with either latex or
acrylic paints.

Q. Do you do custom work?
A. Absolutely. If you have a quote or saying or book title and
a palette in mind, I will help you decide on the design. If you
have specific ideas about the pictures as well, I will try to
design the pictures exactly as you wish.

Q. How do you decide pricing?
A. I judge the price according the cost and size of the raw
piece, the detail of the design and amount of time necessary
to complete it.

Q. How do you hang the plaques?
A. I attach a hook on the back for hanging.

Q. What about shipping?
A. Plaques ship for $10.00. Furniture will be calculated at time of sale. Personal delivery of furniture is available in New England.
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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, singer, actress, director and teacher who developed a love for painting late in life. In 2003, I decided to be trained as a scenic artist as I was painting all of
the scenery for the plays my husband and I direct at our school. I developed a passion for painting, not just scenery and the illusions I can create, but for many different kinds of painting. I really love the feel of the medium and manipulating it. Something else I have
always really loved is wood – especially raw wood. Along with painting effects on wood for scenery, I discovered that I loved to burn and paint designs and text on all kinds of wood pieces. It has become a bit of an obsession. Proof of this, is my daughter’s old bedroom. I took all of the natural wood furniture in her room and transformed it into designed, burned and painted works of folk art. I am especially fond of spiritually based messages or inspirational
quotes on these pieces, but I also really love to do whimsical plaques for children’s rooms with book themes. If I could stop almost everything else in my life (other than playing with my grandchild) I would, just so I could design, burn and paint all day every day.