Autumnal gifts

These three autumnal palettes are perfect gifts for the fall.  
Of course, the Thanksgiving plaque with the traditional cornucopia is always a sweet gift idea.  This plaque is 11"x14"
"Give Thanks' is burned subtly above the fruit and vegetable laden horn of plenty.

"A candle does not lose its light by lighting another candle."  A sentiment we can all live by.  This 8"x10"oval plaque also utilizes fall colors, but could just as easily be used for all winter holiday decorating.

"We can only hear Him with our heart" This is a sweet 7" round plaque painted with warm reds and browns, but can be painted in any palette.  The sentiment is burned subtly again and blends in well with the design. 

These new plaques and more are now featured in my Etsy shop.

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