Home Safe and Sound

My chest of drawers was just delivered safe and sound (shipping paid for, thank goodness) from its six month field trip to the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City.  I promise this is the last post I will write about this piece, but I just have to marvel a bit about the hundreds (may I say thousands?) of people who saw it and who they might have been.  I know Elder Uchdorf of the First Presidency of my church saw it, but did President Monson, our Prophet?  Maybe.  And all of the people from other countries who visit Salt Lake.  It's kind of mind boggling, and pretty cool.  Thanks to all my friends who went to the museum to see it when they were in town, and to those who live there who went as well.  I'm glad it's home.  There was an empty spot in the room where it stands.  Anybody who wants to come over to my house now, can see it.  It's no museum, but I might give you cookies.

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  1. Yay! So glad its safe and sound. :) Wish I could come over and get some cookies.