Customize your own plaque!

Now that you have seen many of my plaques, think of what you would like on your own plaque.
1. Choose the text would you like: scripture, inspirational quote, song lyrics or funny saying...
2. Decide what pictures you would like: favorite places, flowers, themes, book characters...
3. Choose the palate: coordinate with your home, whimsical, elegant, childlike...

For your very own customized plaque, leave a comment here or email me at: We can discuss the possibilties.

The cost of the plaque is $100.00.


  1. I love our plaque more than I can tell you. I look at it everyday and want to smile and cry at the same time. You're such a great artist MJ - right up my alley...and I love EVERYTHING you have done. I miss you tons -M

  2. What a great idea! We love our plaque- it matches our family room perfectly! We love it!!