It's all in the family

I just spent an amazing summer visiting my children and grandchildren. It was so wonderful being with them because they live far away. We were very busy doing great things, so I only was able to create a couple of pieces, but my children decided to create some of their own and I thought I would spotlight them here.
My son in law loves America and maps, so he created this fabulous shabby chic wall hanging. He loves it so much, he's decided to do one of every state.
I've included this on my Etsy shop here.

My daughter wanted to make a special gift for a friend who was taking a big step in her life. She identifies herself with a swan and it was the perfect image for a meaningful plaque. My daughter designed it, I burned most of it, and she painted it. It was so wonderful creating this special piece with my daughter for her dear friend.
I have added this to my Etsy shop here.

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