New bathroom means new plaques

We have lived in a home for 29 years with a 1965 pink and gray bathroom and always said we would update. Finally, this month, we had the pink tub and trim reglazed and it looks amazing. So, removal of gross shower doors, a new paint job, new shower and window curtains and wow! a beautiful new room. So, of course, when I wanted some finishing touches, I designed some plaques.  "Choose Happy" seemed a perfect sentiment to wake up to every morning and to read before going to bed, so I created this fun plaque for over the light fixture.

Unfortunately as I was finishing hanging this happy plaque, I dropped the hammer on our sink and broke it. So, now we not only have to get a new sink, but get the guy who installed it for us to come back and install the new one!
But, that didn't stop me from hanging the other three plaques I had created for another wall.

Once I get my new sink, I will have the bathroom I have dreamed of for many, many years.

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